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You want to look colourful or elegant in our spice colours? The choice is yours – in our Spice world, there is a wide range of expressive colours to choose from – and you will absolutely fall in love with our latest trend colours. Alternatively, you can have your compression garments with a tie-dye finish (not all fabrics are suitable for this process). 

Something for everyone:
Juzo compression stockings

Spices not only spruce up your cuisine – they also offer a whole world of colours, scents and sensual delights.

We got some great inspiration from the world of spices and have included some of its gorgeous colours in our new range.

Trend Colours - colored compression stockings

Trend Colours

Do you love colours? Then brighten up your life with our vibrant Trend Colours!

Woman leaning against a wall

Batik Collection 

Colourful variety for every day.

Dip Dye Collection

Dip Dye Collection

An inspiring colour gradient with wow effect.

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Be impressed by our supports and orthoses with extra technology and functionality.