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Fascination in white

Over the last few years, this tranquil sport has gained in popularity. With snowshoes, you can enjoy the untouched winter landscape away from the bustles of the slopes, relax in the process and do something to nourish yourself.

Snowshoe hiking is suitable for every age and fitness level. There are no special requirements – apart from the enjoyment of moving in nature. Snowshoeing is a holistic sport that trains legs and arms, improves stamina and is gentle on your joints. Athletic types can increase their fitness levels with interval or long endurance hikes; if you prefer a more sedate pace, you can just go for a snowshoe walk. The cold and physical effort will challenge the body all the same. For longer tours of more than an hour, you should always pack a drink and an energy bar. Captivating tours can be found anywhere and snowshoes are available from 100 euros in sports retail stores. They are mostly made from aluminium, covered with neoprene and fitted with a synthetic binding. You will also need height-adjustable hiking poles and winter-proof footwear and clothing – and you’re ready to set out on your first tour.

Beautiful snowshoe treks can be found almost anywhere, given the right snow conditions. There is no need to travel to a special winter sports area. Trudging through the untouched snow is a most delightful experience. Secluded forest paths or hiking trails and snow-covered grassland are all suitable choices. For beginners, a guided walk is a good option to familiarise yourself with the sport and discover rewarding tours in the area. The cost for guided snowshoe treks is between 10 and 30 euros, depending on the duration and type of tour. Equipment rental is often included in the price. A low-cost start to a beautiful sport.

Protecting your joints in winter sports activities

Our tip for snowshoe hikers: the JuzoFlex Genu Xtra knee support

The JuzoFlex Genu Xtra knee support adapts to every movement in snowshoe hiking without losing its shape. It provides soothing and therapeutically effective support and relief to the knee joint.

Additional benefits:

  • breathable, temperature-regulating microfibre knit that wicks away moisture with the spiral rods incorporated into the sides
  • comfort zone at the back of the knee that provides relief and protection to the flexor tendons of the biceps femoris muscle (leg flexor)
  • special stretch zone above the patella ring guarantees a crease-free and secure hold
  • anatomically shaped patella ring that guides the kneecap and massages the surrounding muscles during movement
  • reduced pressure at the borders
Knee with JuzoFlex Genu Xtra Wide knee support
Two men with a basketball


JuzoPro orthoses provide stabilisation, relief and guidance for affected or injured joints.

Man wearing Juzo support


JuzoFlex supports provide anatomical guidance for the affected joints and support them during movement.

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