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Our company

At Juzo, we are passionate about developing medical aids that accompany patients during their therapy from start to finish. Our compression garments, supports and orthoses are made using the latest technology. They offer patients individual solutions for any requirement.

Knit with a difference - Discover what makes Juzo stand out, look forward to interesting insights and get excited to learn how we will continue to ensure greater Freedom in Motion in the future with new inspiration. You can look forward to interesting content coming soon to our special page.

Our Mission: Freedom in Motion

Knit with affection

We work with affection. Therefore, joie de vivre is at the core of everything we do. We do everything to make sure that our products improve our patients’ quality of life so they can re-discover how much fun it is to be active.

knit with enthusiasm

Even our company founder Hans Julius Zorn used to knit with enthusiasm. To him, helping was his life’s mission. We have always continued this tradition.

Uwe Schettler, profile picture

Nothing encourages us more than the following words: “That won’t work!” 
When we hear that, we will do everything to make the impossible possible. 

Uwe Schettler, member of the Advisory Board

This is who we are:

Our production: Craftsmanship – Made by Juzo

Our customers’ individual requirements and requests are implemented using many years of experience, the latest technologies and innovative ideas. In this way, we create products that are knit with ingenuity  and set new benchmarks.

Individual, custom-made products have a long tradition and great importance for Juzo. That makes our solutions which are knit with a personal touch as multi-faceted as those who use them.

knit with a vision

Our aspiration: Finding solutions

We love intricate garments and special customer requests. They give us the opportunity to showcase our skills and to create completely new solutions that are knit for the individual.

For this, we rely on innovative approaches and explore new avenues. Having a visionary mind opens up whole new perspectives.

Sustainability – Our common “tomorrow”

Green is our colour – and not only when it comes to our corporate identity. 
With a fair mindset, we are considering our common future even today. We are committed to environmental protection and stand up for others. In order to conserve resources, we use dye baths up to 17 times. Thanks to the effective use of residual heat and heat recovery, the process water circuit saves energy and CO2.

Sustainability – Our common “tomorrow”

Juzo – Our company history

Knit with experience

Helping is our life’s mission

We have been knitting for more than 100 years. It all began in 1912 in Zeulenroda, Thuringia, and has developed into state-of-the-art production facilities in Aichach, Bavaria, and Cuyahoga Falls in the US. This is where we knit with experience  to create solutions that will continue to help and delight in the future.

Excellent quality is the best future investment. Not only do we hand down this aspiration from one generation to the next, but we also export it to other countries where there are now subsidiaries for the sale of our reliably knitted products.