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Compression garments from Juzo

The perfect support to make movement more enjoyable

Medical compression products must have the right fit. If you feel good, your compression garment becomes your ideal everyday companion. With over 100 years of experience, the well-being of our customers always comes first at Juzo. We manufacture versatile knitted fabrics for an effective compression therapy to provide optimal support to patients in various areas such as lymphology, phlebology and scar treatment.

We are constantly developing as a company and improving our products. Our large selection of compression and support stockings, compression tights and a wide variety of other medical products is exemplary and assists patients with oedema, varicose veins, thrombosis, as a preventive and during sports activities.

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Compression therapy

Compression therapy is one of the basic building blocks in the treatment of venous complaints and edema disorders. Circular-knitted grades are predominantly used in the area of venous therapy .Seamed compression stockings are generally indispensable in the area of lymphology. The flat-knitted stockings are knitted stitch by stitch to precisely follow the contours of the body.

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Scar therapy

Discover our scar therapy products. 

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Donning and
doffing aids

Discover our donning and doffing aids for compression garments.

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Additional products

Discover our complementary products for your everyday life with compression products.