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JuzoPro orthoses for your ankle

JuzoPro Malleo product range

Orthoses that can be worn immediately after an injury help to support, relieve and guide the ankle in the acute phase. 

The JuzoPro Malleo product range offers maximum functionality and wearing comfort. The orthoses are tailored to the specific requirements of non-surgical treatment after ligament injuries.

Product image
JuzoPro Malleo Xtec Light

Ankle orthosis with a shell construction
Art. 7008

Product image
JuzoPro Malleo

Ankle orthosis with innovative padding system
Art. 7009

JuzoPro Malleo Xtec Strong, side
JuzoPro Malleo Xtec Strong

Ankle orthosis with talar strap for stabilisation
 Art. 7007

Information about symptoms

A woman sits on the floor holding her ankle.

Pain in the ankle joint

Find out more about possible causes, subsequent damage and treatment options for pain in the ankle joint.