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The EquiCrown brand

Juzo got involved in products for the veterinary medicine market in the spring of 2010. We manufacture specialist compression bandages for horses, which are marketed under the brand EquiCrown. These bandages support and stimulate the complex lymphatic system in horses externally.

Brown horse with compression bandages

Powerful support for horse legs

EquiCrown – medical compression bandages for horses. These bandages feature an anatomically exact fit and perfectly defined compression.

They stimulate and promote blood circulation and lymph flow. Lymphatic fluids and harmful substances are drained from the horse’s leg faster. 

EquiCrown for competitive sports

EquiCrown was developed on the basis of more than 100 years of experience in human medicine and specifically compression therapy. Professional riders like Grischa Ludwig, Sybille Markert-Baeumer, Maximilian Lill and the equestrian vaulting duo of the equestrian sports club Augsburg Pferdesportverein e.V. have been using EquiCrown successfully.

A horse wearing horse bandages

The EquiCrown product range

Just like in our human compression range, EquiCrown offers compression bandages in standard sizes as well as custom products with extreme girth increase on the legs.

Additionally, we offer a specialist skin care series for horse legs, as well as lymphatic tape for supplemental compression therapy.