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A blessing for sensitive skin

Wearing compression stockings has never been this comfortable. The new Balance silicone border with its micro-nubs made from skin-friendly silicone has been specially tailored to the requirements of sensitive skin.

Wearing compression stockings exactly according to the physician's instructions requires a high level of motivation and discipline on the part of the patient. Juzo helps ensure the necessary compliance for optimum treatment outcomes by continuously further developing and improving its products. A good example of this is the new Balance silicone border for thigh-high stockings in the Juzo Soft (from 1 November 2017) and Juzo Inspiration (from 1 January 2018) product lines: The five-centimetre-wide band with micro-nubs ensures not only a perfect fit and hold, but also the highest level of wearing comfort. Patients with sensitive skin that is prone to irritation can now find the ideal solution for their needs.

Advantage: micro-nubs

The micro-nubs in the new Balance silicone border, which are made from skin-friendly silicone, ensure a high degree of permeability to air and are applied as dots for increased breathability. This also enables them to optimally wick moisture away from the surface of the skin. They help reduce skin irritations, which are often caused by sweating, thereby maintaining the natural balance of the skin.

Result: less pressure and irritation

Thanks to the dot pattern of micro-nubs there is less silicone in contact with the skin. This avoids unnecessary skin irritation and minimises shear forces. Furthermore, the low volume of the skin-friendly micro-nubs and the especially elastic material reduce the pressure on the sensitive skin. This minimises pressure points, which can increase the risk of skin irritation, while still guaranteeing an optimum hold.

In a nutshell

  • Especially high breathability
  • Minimal shear forces
  • Almost no pressure on the skin
  • Very good hold
  • Low coating volume
  • Best possible moisture regulation
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